• Press CTRL + SPACE to open up quick add.
  • Type "Comp" to get to Component, press Enter. (instead of double clicking on the component)
  • An Empty component is added. It seems to skip the component selection window.

  • Also... When you select an Empty Component, there is no way to change the component to a different component. You have to delete it and start again. (Ideally you should be able to select the component in the properties and open up a list of all components, to allow you to quickly change. This should also work for non-empty components.)

Hi Brek,

Note that you can still double-click on the empty component and choose a screen from the opened dialog. I'll check why this dialog doesn't open automatically. I think it might be intentional, at least it is for Ctrl-Enter which allows you to add multiple components, so opening a selection dialog would interrupt the flow.

Changing once selected component was never possible. Could you provide some use-cases where it would be useful? I see some possible issue with implementing such a feature, notably when various property overrides are being used.