Is there a plugin or other utility that can be used to do spell checking in WireframeSketcher? I have looked quickly at your forums and saw one request for this but a few years ago. I searched for �spell� and did get a few results but nothing with more than a couple of comments and/or stars.

Do you have any suggestions or recommendations?

Thank you very much.

Hi Lynn,

There is no support for spell checking in WireframeSketcher at this point. To add something like this we need a generalized support for spell checking in Eclipse platform, which so far hasn't been implemented. You can vote for this feature here:

Other solution that I could suggest is using a command line tool like aspell, that you can find on Linux, but on other platforms too. Since WireframeSketcher screen files are saved in XML format, aspell can check them if used with correct settings that interprets XML correctly.

Okay thank you for your suggestions. I will take a look at aspell.