My project is located on a server. While I was briefly away, my Windows pc went to sleep. Upon my return all the components saved in the Assets folder on the server were missing their connections resulting in all components displaying the 'Component Not Found' visual. I am unable to go back to a previous working version. I am still connected to the server and can access all components on new screens, but without any other solution I have to go and replace all components in existing screens. And yes, I have tried restarting Wireframes Sketcher.

Any thoughts on solutions?

Hi Jake,

My understanding is that you are using a folder shared over the network. Is this correct? If the folder is again available under the same location then your components should remain connected. Even if the folder is not available - WireframeSketcher won't modify screen files to reflect that, so you data stays the same and the problem is elsewhere.

If you still can't find the cause then please email me a zip archive with your project so that you can take a look at your screen files. Thanks!