I saw in this topic that items handling for comboboxes has been added to TODO list:


But I didn't find any updates on the topic.

If not available yet, is there some kind of workaround - I usally put inside comboboxes all options that will be in the item, so I can use then the mockup tool also later to create tasks and specifications for the project.

(Yes, I like this tool very much and I really want to know how to handle this - I'm considering moving from another mockup tool).

Hi Andrea,

This feature wasn't implemented since there wasn't enough interest in it.

Would it be possible for you to use the List widget instead? The Combo widget with multiple items is always presented with drop-down open, so visually it wouldn't be much different.

Thank you Peter,

actually, the open drop-down visualization is something I want to avoid. :-)

It is ok for me that exporting in .png I see only one option, I only like to view others when I'm working on written specs (so I can see options).

As workaround I'm now using notes - so I can view options when I'm working. But I have to say that I miss a way to handle dropdown status "closed" (with specific option selected), it will be a very nice feature. :-)

Anyhow, I understand that if there is no much intrest for this I have to focus on a workaround (as mentioned above). And if you think of a better workaround, just tell me. :-)

I'll just go forward my evaluation period, for now this is the only question I have.