We have a team of three working on the same set of files and wanting to sync any updates. We tried to use onedrive for sharing folders but running into issue of loading the projects back in. please help.


Sharing an entire workspace is not straightforward as you need to avoid also syncing the ".metadata" folder. In the screenshot that you've emailed me I can see that you also sync the ".metadata" folder.

An approach that should work would be to keep your projects outside of WireframeSketcher's workspace, OneDrive folder in your case. To see projects in WireframeSketcher you'll need to import them first using "File > Import… > Existing Project into Workspace". Physically projects will stay in their original location, but you'll be able to sync them and also work on them in WireframeSketcher. You'll need to perform the project import on each PC.

For more details on projects import please see this article: https://wireframesketcher.com/support/faq/sharing-projects-across-multiple-pcs.html