Hi, I'm looking to get back to the good-ole-days of using a SketchFlow like tool for my Windows WPF application development.

I ran across your wireframer and it looks really good!

I see that you have plugin integrations, which I'm totally NOT interested in, and it was there I saw mentioned that Java was included with the program installer?

I refrain from ever having Java installed on my PCs, and I would hate to have to install Java just to use your package.

Does WS require a Java installation when running standalone? Again I'm not interested in any integration (other than perhaps Microsoft Blend or Visual Studio!)


Hi William,

WireframeSketcher is a Java application, however you don't need to install Java on your system, and WireframeSketcher's installer won't install Java on your system either. WireframeSketcher is bundled with a private Java VM which is only used by WireframeSketcher and is not installed in any way on your system. So from user's point it looks and behaves like a regular native application. Give it a try.

I hope this helps.

OK, thank you for your quick response - much appreciated!