I just installed wireframe sketcher into eclipse but when I open the sketcher perspective, I get nothing. I don't see the sketcher-tutorial project, and can't find it in my Eclipse directory. No files, etc.

Any ideas what might have gone wrong, or how to find the tutorial and other files? I did a search on my computer but couldn't find the folder.

Elisabeth, to create a tutorial project go to Help > Welcome > Overview and then select WireframeSketcher tutorial. Let me know if this works for you.

Hi Peter, thanks.

I do not have a "Welcome" menu option under Help.


Elisabeth, I need more details. Welcome option should be present under Help even if you don't install WireframeSketcher.

First try to send me your info using Window > Preferences > WireframeSketcher > Report a Bug. If for whatever reason this does not work then email me as much information as possible: Eclipse version, your OS, perhaps a screenshot. Also include your log file which you'll be able to find under <your workspace>/.metadata/.log. You'll find my email on support page.

Thanks Peter, just sent you a bug from Eclipse with a log file and screenshot.

Elisabeth, thanks for the log file. It looks like you are using Eclipse 4 which we do not support yet. I guess we'll have to start testing it. I sent you the tutorial project.

Weird, because I have Eclipse 4 on my Lion laptop and sketcher is working there. I just installed it.

I wonder if it's something about the way I've set up Eclipse on my desktop.

Elisabeth, WireframeSketcher probably works fine with Eclipse 4. It's just that Welcome page that is not there. Welcome page exists in Eclipse 3.x, but it looks like it's gone (or maybe not there yet) in Eclipse 4. It's not an important functionality though and you should be able to create and edit screens. Let me know if this does not work for you.