I find that I have to repeat information a lot across screens, and it would be helpful if there were a central "variables" file that would expand values across all screens. The format of the file doesn't matter, but could just be a "name=value" sort of format.

So the file might look like:


Then I could re-use it everywhere like this: ${user.dev.url}

It would be great if it not only appeared in text (like in the Note or Text widget) but also as link values.

Even cooler: The ability to use user variables in the user variables files themselves:

user.env=dev user.dev.url=user.dev.url=http://dev.dis.com/ user.qa.url=user.dev.url=http://dev.dis.com/ user.url=${user.${user.env}.url}

This would allow me to specify ${user.url} everywhere but actually swap out the value quickly by just changing user.env from dev to qa.

Sean, this sounds like an interesting feature, but maybe too complicated for WireframeSketcher. I'd like to keep things as simple as possible. Much of what you propose can be solved using components. One example is using a template that includes common parts. A more fine-grained approach could use separate components for various text snippets.