I do enjoy the components feature and am using it a lot now.

I have a bit of a usability issue, though, when I have overridden layout properties in a component (e.g., resized or moved widgets) and later I edit the original component.

When I do this, usually the layout overrides are no longer relevant, and widgets now overlap, etc. I didn't see a way to simply reset the overrides. All I can do, it seems, is to delete the component and re-add it.

Maybe it would be useful to add a "reset component layout" command somewhere? This would remove position/size overrides but keep any other overrides (like colors, text, etc.).

Hi Ed,

Thanks for requesting this. I agree that there should be a way to reset overrides, either partially or completely. I added it to our todo list.

This would be really nice to see, also a list of what properties had been overridden would be grate to see if something was moved by accident.

Reider, I added your vote to this feature. Meantime you can open the XML file to see exactly what was overridden for a component. The XML format is fairly readable. This method is for experts only, but perhaps it can help you with your situation.