This is the update site for the development version of WireframeSketcher plug-in. It’s the next unreleased version and it is intended for testing purposes and hotfixes.

What’s new


Please note that this is a development version and may contain bugs. If you want to stay on the safe side, just put a separate copy of WireframeSketcher in a different directory and use that to install and test the development version.


To help testing choose your environment and follow the instructions:

Eclipse IDE

Go to installation instructions and follow the instructions there for your specific IDE. Make sure to replace any reference to the regular update site with


1. From WireframeSketcher open the update manager by selecting Help > Install New Software….

2. Click Add… and enter the following location:

Adding the update site

3. Select WireframeSketcher plug-in and finish the installation.

4. If you are unable to finish the installation then you are it’s probably because WireframeSketcher is installed system-wide and there is a permission issue. This can be solved by running WireframeSketcher as administrator.