Hi, I’m Petru “Peter” Severin and I am the creator of WireframeSketcher. WireframeSketcher started in 2008 as my side project and has grown since into a full-blown business, WireSketch SRL, owned and run by me.

The idea to create WireframeSketcher came to me during my times as software developer. Quite often, to explain an idea, I would end up drawing things on scraps of paper or on a blackboard. Since I don’t have much of drawing talent it quickly became frustrating. As any respectable software developer I said to myself: “How hard can it be to make an app to do this for me?”. Well, it proved to be a little harder than I thought but sometimes being naive can be a good thing :).

The first version of WireframeSketcher was released in 2008 only as a plug-in for Eclipse IDE. Little by little the tool grew and now it’s available both as Eclipse plug-in and a standalone desktop application.

Our goal is to make WireframeSketcher the best desktop wireframing tool there is and we are extremely passionate about it. We hope you’ll enjoy using WireframeSketcher as much as we are enjoying building it!

Staying in touch

You can get in contact with us via contact@wireframesketcher.com, User Forums (no registration required), X Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook


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