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WireframeSketcher Export & Share is a free sharing and collaboration service offered to users of WireframeSketcher wireframing tool. Use WireframeSketcher to quickly create wireframes, mockups, prototypes offline and then easily share them online.

Share effortlessly

Mockup your website, desktop and mobile applications offline and then upload and share them online directly from the app. No account creation is required. Uploads are fast, and the access to what you share is fast too.

Share securely *

Share your wireframes using a unique, unguessable link. The link can only be accessed via secure socket layer technology (SSL). Uploads to our servers are encrypted using SSL too. Your data is stored securely in Amazon’s cloud.

Get quality feedback

Let your clients and team members easily view your wireframes, click-through your prototypes, and then give you their feedback. Let them explore how your prototypes work on a tablet or phone.

What our users say

“WireframeSketcher is fantastic. We’re now using it to produce functional specification screenshots, we’ve used it in meetings to instantly demonstrate screen design ideas and we’ve used it to help design software as part of the development process.”

Codegate Ltd

“WireframeSketcher is our official wireframe software. Our designers and copywriters use it for all our website and graphics projects because it is not only simple to use, but it works very well on multi-user environments.”

Rodrigo Fernandez, MarketingWise Inc

“WireframeSketcher rocks! It has been extremely useful within our team as we are going through a major UI redesign phase with our product. The product really helped us to draft and communicate changes quickly across the team.”

Ronnie King, Silicon Laboratories

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Some of our customers

Note that we cannot guarantee absolute security as no method of electronic transmission or storage is absolutely secure. So if the security for you is paramount then please use your own servers for sharing.