These companies chose WireframeSketcher

Some of our customers

Some of our customers

  • Bank of Canada
  • Indra Sistemas
  • Red Hat
  • Boehringer Ingelheim
  • Intel Corporation
  • Seagate
  • CGI Group
  • Interactive Data
  • Siemens
  • Daimler
  • J.W. Pepper
  • Silicon Laboratories
  • DirecTV
  • LiveProcess
  • Streambase
  • Disney
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Subaru
  • eBay
  • Michigan State University
  • Vector Informatik
  • Echostar
  • Motorola Mobility
  • Vistage International
  • Extreme Networks
  • Nokia
  • Vodafone
  • Federal Reserve Bank of New York
  • Parallels, Inc.
  • Volkswagen
  • Gemalto
  • Perforce Software
  • Washington State University
  • IBM
  • Public Health Agency of Canada
  • Wells Fargo Bank N.A

Eclipse community awards finalist

WireframeSketcher was selected as a finalist of Eclipse Community Awards 2013 in Best Developer Tool category, as well as a Technology Finalist of Eclipse Community Awards 2011 in Best RCP Application category. Winners were selected by a panel of judges from the Eclipse community.

Technology Finalist of Eclipse Community Awards 2011

What our users say

“I have been using WireframeSketcher for the last six years and I love it. I’m a visual learner. So, when I’m presented with complex product problems, I turn to flow diagrams and wireframes to help me understand the user. By doing this, I believe I start to build a deeper level of empathy for what the user will experience when interacting with the finished product. I believe that empathy, a deep feeling with the customer, is essential to building great products.

WireframeSketcher has given me the tools to reach that level of empathy much faster. When market, customer, and internal priorities pivot on a dime, I don’t miss a beat because I’m able to produce clickable prototypes that I can experiment with, test, and iterate quickly on. This allows me to be nimble and flexible without losing the sense of empathy I need to stay connected with the end user or customer.

WireframeSketcher is a great tool that I’ll always keep in my product management tool belt."

Sean Miller, Sr. Product Manager/Product Development Consultant

“I would consider WireframeSketcher to be at the top of it’s game while providing a great quality product that excels at what it does best: creating a fast and easy wireframe.”

“I use WireframeSketcher on a daily basis to quickly iterate on design and workflow during software development. The intuitive controls and multi-platform support have made it easy to share concepts with coworkers around the world. The hand-drawn look and feel has been especially useful in discussions that require fast iteration on design and need to focus less on pixel-perfect art and more on general workflow.”

Jeff Freeman, Sr. Software Eng., Intel **

“WireframeSketcher was a great tool for us to use in creating mockups for a client — very intuitive to use, and produced great-looking mockups that were nevertheless very clearly just mockups. It’s also great that it runs on the Linux desktop since we are a Linux shop. Thanks for creating this!”

“We’re successfully using WireframeSketcher for 2 years already. UI-design is necessary phase of development, that’s why we were choosing optimal tool and were trying different solutions. We’ve chosen WireframeSketcher because of its cross-platform abilities (we’re using different OSes here, at SteelKiwi), stability, huge functional possibilities and perfect support. And adding cloud-hosting brought perfect experience of online demonstration for customers, which is extremely important nowadays. Thanks for great tool!”

“I’ve purchased WireframeSketcher mainly to make wireframes of website pages, but as I have used it, I’ve found that it’s useful for much more than that. For instance mocking up a wireframe of a newsletter in WireframeSketcher is much faster than composing it in the online email editor, and it lets me quickly get a feel for the content and layout before going to the extra effort of composing the actual email. Another use I’ve found is to quickly make a mock-up of a design for printed materials, and it works well for designing brochures, too. I want to commend you on the quality, usefulness and usability of your product!”

Matthew Pressly

“WireframeSketcher in one word is AMAZING! It has shaved hours off my storyboarding time. I can give my developers clear instructions and provide the executives clear understanding of what is to be built. It is the BEST tool I have found that runs natively in Linux, and I have tried Pencil, Balsamiq, Axure RP (Windows), and several web based tools. Keep up the great work! Looking forward to your new developments!”

Vincent Duke

“Here in Controla we have been looking for a tool to design wireframe-style user interfaces for a long time. We tried lots of software before purchasing WireframeSketcher. Thank you for all your effort. The software is superb for our purpose and we are very happy so far. I hope that you will keep up the good work!”

“WireframeSketcher is our official wireframe software. Our designers and copywriters use it for all our website and graphics projects because it is not only simple to use, but it works very well on multi-user environments. WireframeSketcher is an integral part to our design and content workflow.”

“Recently started using a plugin for Eclipse called WireframeSketcher. This is probably one of the most useful tools I have ever used… Not only is it awesome to show someone how your program will work, but you also figure out some problems you might run into at a later stage. Seriously worth the $99. This has cut development time by at least 30% for me.”

“WireframeSketcher was so easy to integrate into our release process. Not only is it simple and intuitive to design with, but using it as an Eclipse plugin means my team already understands the interface, so they feel comfortable looking at mockups at all stages of development. The clean, straightforward prototypes I can produce allow our planning sessions to focus solely on what our product will look like. Thanks for a great product!”

Liz Alonzi

“I’ve tried almost every wireframing tool out there. WireframeSketcher is the first tool that stuck. Sketcher’s strength is it’s consistent approach that is both simple and extensible. Instead of fighting the tool to express my ideas I’m able to quickly turn my ideas into mockups. I use it as much to help me figure things out as I do for presentations.”

Michael Winser

“WireframeSketcher has helped me and my team increase productivity and profitability. We are able to sketch a landing page and or design an online customer experience in minutes. When using WireframeSketcher, client meeting are fun, productive and full of client participation and interaction. This is by far one of the best investments our agency has made.”

“I’d recommend WireframeSketcher to anyone needing to mockup any system with even a moderate complexity. You’ll be glad you gave it a try. I know I was.”

“WireframeSketcher rocks! It has been extremely useful within our team as we are going through a major UI redesign phase with our product. The product really helped us to draft and communicate changes quickly across the team. Keep up the great work!”

“WireframeSketcher is fantastic. We’re now using it to produce functional specification screenshots, we’ve used it in meetings to instantly demonstrate screen design ideas and we’ve used it to help design software as part of the development process.”

“WireframeSketcher is an excellent mockup and wireframe tool, and I definitely recommend giving it a try, especially if you live inside the Eclipse IDE. For those of us that need to both design and develop applications the integrated nature of the plugin both enhances your productivity and simplifies workflow.”

“The idea of integrating the visual prototype & mock-up environment with Eclipse… have to admit..totally luv it! It’s great for developers whose Photoshop skills are not on par with designers.”

“All in all, I’ve found WireframeSketcher to be a better fit for my workflow and needs than other wireframe tools. The fact that it integrates with Eclipse and is straightforward to use (I did not have to read one line of a manual and I was effectively creating wireframes in minutes), is a huge selling point to me.”

“All in all – I think this is the product that is going to finally make me start using wireframes. I’ve also got to say that his license is very nice. A user can run the plugin on as many machines as he or she wants. So you can buy one license for your desktop and laptop. Heck, you can even run them at the same time.”

“Generally speaking WireframeSketcher works straight out of the box, it’s simple to use and install within any Eclipse based environment. I was using this tool within minutes and have added it to my essential tools. Wireframing is key to creating good customer feedback and helps so much with the design process.”

“To sum up things, WireframeSketcher is really an amazing tool, which you can use super easy to build Android specific User Interfaces without leaving your development environment, and publish them either as a presentation on screen or as PDF files.”

“Seriously, thanks for the elegant solution to the problem of UI prototyping. WireframeSketcher would have been my choice even if it had been only a standalone product, when you throw in the Eclipse integration and the rapid responses in the support forum it’s the winner by a mile!”

“I’m working on a project with some other team members and I have to say that WireframeSketcher really rocks!”

“Thank you for doing such a great job with your product! I have been using it since before you charged for it, and love it more every day! It is an integral part of my workflow, and use it constantly for lo-fi prototypes and brainstorming sessions.”

“Having tried it out on two small projects in the last two weeks, I am impressed. It’s a neat, and pleasant tool to use and fits very well with both my personal and my team’s development process.”

“The fastest and most responsive prototype tool I have tried and used.”

“Für diesen Preis ist der WireframeSketcher wirklich ein tolles Tool das man sich unbedingt mal näher anschauen sollte.”

“We use WireframeSketcher a lot in the initial phases of a project, because it’s a beautiful way to turn sketches into neat diagrams, and sit with a customer to change them live.”

Paul Delbar

“This is an eclipse plug-in, it is beautifully written, and very fast to quickly slam together a ui mock up. And even better the result looks like a ui mock up; allowing every one to stay focused on the workflow; the trade offs; and how the user interface functions rather than get distracted by the font used or the icons. Perfect.”

“I love it because I’m a huge fan of Eclipse, and I always try to avoid leaving my IDE. The tool provides a lot of modern UI components for use in your mockups, including a Lorem Ipsum text section component, breadcrumbs, tabs, as well as the common UI mockup components you would expect from such a tool.”

Dave Malone

“I have nothing but good to say about WireframeSketcher : it does its job and it does it well. Simplefasteasy.”

“Master screens are a tremendous improvement. Since we use componentized framework, I can build mockups of the components and then build mockup screens with my mockup components. A one-on-one with how the real screens will be built!”

Koen Maes. Bits4life.

“WireframeSketcher is an Eclipse plugin which allows to draw wireframes in an intuitive, agile and fast manner. Really fast. Its palette of widgets is very complete, you can use it in web and desktop apps”

“At one point we dove into a rather tedious debate over some annoying misunderstanding which was UI related, and luckily enough I was ready. I hooked up my computer to the projector, and we held an entire design session using eclipse WireframeSketcher.”

“Overall, its a neat and simple tool that helps you to create mockups. If you are looking for a such a tool to prototype the UI and explain it to the customer/boss then this tool is for you.”

“I am growing to like your tool an awful lot. I really love the easy alignment of things, much better than Visio.”

“I’ve been using WireframeSketcher for about two weeks, and I love it!, I’m able to make quality mockups in few minutes. I’ve used it in a meeting with my tutors, and we were very satisfied because we were able to build a complex mockup as fast as we would do in paper, and far more useful.”

“I spent two days searching for a wire-framing solution on Windows – from Visio, JumpChart, Gliffy, Pencil, etc… – and then I fell upon WireframeSketcher for Eclipse and I fell in love all-over again with the development process. Thank you very much for this effort – it makes a huge difference communicating the various stages in my web development.”

Robert Persaud. The Georgia Institute of Technology.

“The big benefit I find with WireframeSketcher is that 99% of the time I always have Eclipse open so there is no context shift to stop and open another program. And since it runs on Eclipse, WireframeSketcher runs on Linux, Mac and Windows.”

“I’ve been looking for this wireframe tool for years! Great Job!!!”

“WireframeSketcher is an excellent tool! All of my development is on Fedora Core 12 using the Eclipse Galileo IDE and PHP. The WireframeSketcher plugged in so smooth. The user guide that came with the plug-in is also excellent. The storyboard feature is wonderful. I can send my customer a PDF and let them look things over before I even touch a line of code.”

Bob Gregorich

Brilliant idea, great user experience, very productive. Love it!”

Mantas Kanaporis

“Thank you for gracing the world with this beautiful software!”

Michiel Roos

“It is an Eclipse plugin so it fits perfectly to any Android developer’s desktop. It also has Android stencils that can be used to build more Android looking wireframes but as with OmniGraffle I personally don’t use them. WireframeSketcher has a broad list of ready components and icons which is all that is needed.”

“After a long time I am really shocked how the application can be good designed and intuitive. Building it on the top of eclipse IDE is very good idea. Keep going on and doing good job.”

“After trying several other packages, we decided on WireframeSketcher for its superior interoperability with Eclipse, copy/paste that actually works when adding assets from external sources and an extremely flexible component library (the TreeTable alone is worth the cost) and quick and easy element positioning. It’s just awesome!”

“You and your team have created a great product and I’m delighted you made a version compatible with linux/ubuntu! Thank you for thinking about the small few.”

“I’m so happy you based the app on Eclipse. I switched from Windows to Linux about 8 months ago and was dreading having to go back to Windows to do mockups. Eclipse really solves the multi-platform problem and you’ve done a nice job of hiding the eclipse complexity.”

John Farmer, Kronos Data Holdings

“I really love WireframeSketcher, the program works as expected and it’s very intuitive. In a few minutes in front of it you will feel so comfortable. This program helps us to do our mockups very quick an with professional look.”

Daniel Bassa, Informatica Palafrugell

“My feedback is simple, it’s a great tool and I am very happy with the product. I did not look into other wireframe tools, I had a colleague of mine recommend your wireframe tool after he had researched many other options.”