Use WireframeSketcher tool with iPad stencil to create beautiful sketchy wireframes and mockups with good layout precision. Link screens together into a prototype to show the flow of your app. Export your prototype to PDF or HTML and demo it directly on your iPad. Click from screen to screen to show how the application works.

Create iPad wireframes, mockups, prototypes

Collaborate effortlessly

Use version control to work with your team. Present your iPad prototype in full-screen viewer. Share click-through PDFs with your clients. Use apps like GoodReader and show off mockups directly on iPad.

Mockup anything

Mockup and wireframe any application with ease using built-in widgets, iPad and iPhone components and our set of great looking icons. Create your own components from existing ones or use SVG to draw your custom UI.

Get results fast

Streamlined and professional interface lets you mockup and wireframe fast and with great effect. Turn on sketchy theme for your iPad mockups so that you and your clients can focus on what’s important.

What our users say

“I’ve been using WireframeSketcher for about two weeks, and I love it!, I’m able to make quality mockups in few minutes.”

David Castellanos

“I am growing to like your tool an awful lot. I really love the easy alignment of things, much better than Visio.”

James E. Ervin

“The big benefit I find with WireframeSketcher is that 99% of the time I always have Eclipse open so there is no context shift. And since it runs on Eclipse, WireframeSketcher runs on Linux, Mac and Windows.”

Jim Priest

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