Is there any way I can get a stand alone version of the screen exporter? I know that you can use it on the command line through eclipse using the com.wireframesketcher.ui.screenExport class but that means when its used the system running the export has to have eclipse installed and a project setup, this is quite a large dependency for our build server.

I am wondering if you could make available a .jar that can export the files only, I am happy to build the directory recursing and file saving myself if needs be.

Hi Jon,

You can use the standalone version of WireframeSketcher that is available on our website. It's a bit lighter than a full Eclipse setup and you don't need to install the plugin manually. Use "WireframeSketcher" executable instead of "eclipse".

You will still need to setup a workspace with a project on your build server though. However you could create and configure a workspace with a project once, zip it and then use it as a template. Exporting files would look like this:

  • Setup the workspace from the template
  • Copy screen files to the project
  • Export screen files. Use (-refresh) command line option to make sure that copied files are properly added to workspace.

As long as you don't have inter-project file dependencies this approach should work fine.

Let me know if this helps you.