I have a workflow where I create a story with, say, 2 "main" screens, and have a hyperlink in one or more of those screens to "auxiliary" screens.

(For example, a combo on a main screen may have a hyperlink that displays what the combo's contents normally are, which lives on a separate screen with extra annotations and notes.)

For such a story to export properly, I must include the auxiliary screens in the story for them to show up in PDF or HTML, or else the hyperlinks from the main screens are not connected, and there is no warning or error about this.

My manual workaround is to add a "References" page at the end of the "main" screens in the story (telling the reader not to continue further), and add the auxiliary screens after that, in order to get a complete export.

It would be nice if (1) the exporter warned that links were broken/missing in the export and/or (2) there were an option to automatically inject a "references" page in PDF exports (assuming there is no other way to add hidden pages to a PDF).

Hi Ed,

Thanks for the suggestion. I don't think hidden pages are possible, but I'll add a warning about missing screens and an automatic way to add them.

Hi Ed,

The latest version of WireframeSketcher adds a warning about missing screens in storyboards when you export them. Hopefully this will help you avoid this issue in the future. Find more details in our last blog post: http://wireframesketcher.com/blog/2014-06-11-simplified-components-better-storyboards-updated-online-sharing-service.html