Great software, we are trying it out on a new Cloud project, but it appears the windows download now contains a Trojan in the uninstall file.
My anti-virus caught it at installation time, but you may want to look into what happened.

  • Norton File Insight *Uninstall.exe, Threat Name: Suspicious.Cloud.9

Hi Dan,

Thanks for reporting this. This is most certainly a false positive. To be sure I ran an online check using VirusTotal online tool which includes 50 different anti-virus engines. You are right that Norton from Symantec doesn't like our uninstaller. However all other anti-viruses are fine:

I've submitted the file as a false positive to Symantec and hopefully they'll update their database soon:

Generally speaking, we pay a lot of attention to our build process and I believe there is a minimal chance for our installer to get infected. The installer itself is built on a Linux machine using NSIS open-source installer generator. I'll make sure that in the future we also use online anti-virus checkers to ensure that no false positives are detected.

We now digitally sign our uninstaller which should make anti-viruses happy. Let me know if you still see this issue.