Getting an error message: Network is unreachable: connect

Any suggestions?

Hi Kurt,

Are you behind a proxy? You can configure proxy settings for WireframeSketcher under Window > Preferences > General > Network Connections. Let me know if this works for you.

Also note that Foundation stencil and icons are bundled with latest versions of WireframeSketcher. Create a project using File > New > Wireframe Project and choose Zurb Foundation as project template.

Hi Peter, thanks for your response.

Currently set to Native. Doesn't work.

Changed to Manual and added kurt.wifinetwork, my network connections via Apple router. Still doesn't work.



Do you have an anti-virus software running on your machine? Some of those can block apps from connecting to Internet. Try to disable it temporarily or whitelist WireframeSketcher.

HI again,

Added WireFrameSketcher to my allow list on Norton. Still no go.

Do I need to purchase to get a license key before the import will work? Plan to buy anyway.



Try disabling Norton temporarily and see if it helps. Also revert proxy settings you changed previously. This is not a problem with the trial but with your specific system configuration so purchasing a license won't change anything.

Shut off Norton and set network connection back to native. Still no dice. K


Can you email me the log file for WireframeSketcher? You can do it using Help > Report a bug.