I currently work in a test environment and want to be able to move my finished project into the live environment so that I can demonstrate it to users. I have a copy of wireframe sketcher in each environment but cannot connect the two. I need to be able to export the project from one computer and import onto the other. Can this be done?

Hi Craig,

If you just wish to demo your results to end users then consider exporting your project to PDF or sharing it online.

If you wish to work on the same files on another machine then there is a way to transfer your files via Export/Import actions under the File menu. However note that this approach has its issues as you need to track manually on which machine your last version is. One way to solve this is to use a version control system like Subversion, Git or other. If you already use such system for other purposes then know that it's possible to make WireframeSketcher also work with it (ask me for more details).