I just bought and installed WireframeSketcher 4.2.4 and notices that my PDF export, which was 5Mb with the trial, went up to 10-11Mb.

The project has 8 screens (some of which has been renamed since the 'trially' created project) and 3 jpg bitmaps (429Kb total).

Is there anyway to reduce the PDF size, as 10Mb is cumbersome to send by email ?

Thanks in advance,


Could you email me a zip of your project so I can try and reproduce the problem myself? See our support page for the email address.

As an alternative to sending a PDF you can also try uploading your wireframe online to our servers and just sharing a link. Use File > Share Online action for that.

I tried to reproduce this issue using a 2Mb JPG image and it produced a PDF roughly of the same size as the image. So it would be great if you could help me to reproduce your issue. If sending your actual project is a problem for you then perhaps you could create a separate one that doesn't contain any sensitive data but only shows the issue.

Thanks for the email. The latest version fixes this issue. See this blog post for more details: http://wireframesketcher.com/blog/2014-04-08-more-usability-improvements-and-bug-fixes.html