First, let me congratulate on your tool. It's really nice, and it's improving!

I have even got some suggestions for improvements, but I'll get to that later.

I'm using the command line to generate images for my screens and found a bug: components that are on negative positions (X and Y below 0) are not renderer on the image, even though the "canvas size" is set properly. It just gets the white background on positions < 0.

Considering it shows up fine in the editor, I think it should be there on the gerenated image.



Oops. Things should work exactly as you describe. But I can't see the problem in my tests. Are you using the latest version? If you do then could you send me your screen file and the resulting image? Hopefully I'll be able to reproduce the problem with that.

And thanks for the kind words!


I went on to create a simple screen to reproduce this problem and it seemed to work fine, then I found out that this bug only happens when I try to generate the images using the command line:

/opt/eclipse/eclipse -application com.wireframesketcher.ui.screenExport -data ~/workspace -noSplash -source ~/workspace/myprojectpath/negative_position.screen -dest ~/Desktop/lele

It happens in both "single file" or "folder" export modes.

When generating inside Eclipse GUI it works fine.

Note that I use "eclipse" instead of "eclipsec", as I'm on Ubuntu Linux.

Specs: Ubuntu 8.10 (happens on 9.04 too) Eclipse Europa with updated IBM jars (happens on Eclipse Ganymede too) Latest WireframeSketcher version (1.3.1)

java version "1.6.0_07"
Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_07-b06)
Java HotSpot(TM) Server VM (build 10.0-b23, mixed mode)

Thanks for your quick reply.

Sample Screen:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<model:Screen xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:model="http://wireframesketcher.com/1.0/model.ecore">
  <widgets xsi:type="model:TextArea" x="97" y="56" height="25" text="This text will be visible.&#xA;"/>
  <widgets xsi:type="model:TextArea" x="-176" y="-64" height="25" text="This text won't be visible.&#xA;"/>
  <widgets xsi:type="model:TextArea" x="97" y="-64" height="25" text="This text won't be visible.&#xA;"/>
  <widgets xsi:type="model:TextArea" x="-176" y="56" height="25" text="This text won't be visible.&#xA;"/>
  <widgets xsi:type="model:TextArea" x="-96" text="This end of this text will appear."/>


Thank you for all the details! I was able to reproduce the problem. I am going to fix it ASAP. Should be part of the next version that is out this weekend.



I've just found and fixed the problem. You'll have the fix this weekend. Thanks again for the bug report!

Thanks! :)

I'll post some new feature suggestions later.