Is there any way to make links stay on the layer that they are "placed on".

For example, say I have a component with lots of links. I add this component to a new screen to be a base for my new controls I draw on top.

I then draw say, a pop up window, all the links from the layer below show through to the top layer, even though there content does not.

The effect is you have a whole lot yellow link icons in the middle of your control that have no business being there.

Thanks Colin

Hi Colin,

This is not possible right now but it's on our todo list. A possible workaround is to use the "Overriding properties" mode and to remove links from the instance of th base screen.

Yip thanks, I have been doing that to a few of the more prominent ones.

Regards Colin

This feature is now available starting with version 4.7.4.