I've got a component "x" with a Window containing a Tabbed Pane.

I made the background of the tabbed pane transparent in order to hide stuff inside that would be higher than the tabbed pane (actually the transparency only makes sure the bottom border of the tabbed pane is drawn over the stuff inside, so I add a white borderless panel just below the tabbed pane as well).

Unfortunately, in a new screen I can only put the whole component "x" in front or back of other stuff. So I need the Window widget to have a transparent background as well (such that I can put the component "x" in front of all the other stuff which should still be visible through the tabbed pane and window).

I hope you get the idea. Another helpful feature would be to allow container widgets limit the visibility of stuff inside. Maybe by really making this widgets function as containers (i.e. you can double click them to put other widgets inside). That would make my workaround described above redundant.

Hi Michael,

I am not sure I fully understand your problem. Window and Tabbed Pane widgets are meant to be used in the back and other objects should be put on top. Can you explain why you are putting them in the front instead?

Hi Peter

I think it's easier to explain with an example, so I put one here (expires in 7 days): http://we.tl/0HF72Ltr7u


I see what the problem is. In the first phase I'll add the background color setting for Window widget. In the long run I think this problem would be better solved by the possibility to crop components/groups to hide parts of them. This second feature is on our todo list, but it's more challenging to implement so I can't tell you yet when it will be added.

Great, these solutions (short- and long-term) also make sense to me. Could you tell me when I should check for updates to get the new Window setting?


A new update is planned for September. I'll try to add this feature then.

OK, thank you very much!

Hi Michael,

This was added in the latest version: http://wireframesketcher.com/blog/2014-09-30-new-release-updated-online-sharing-service.html

Let me know how it works for you.