For some reason I can not get rid of the default tex in images. It sates 140 x 140. No matter how many times I delete it when I copy the screens to Storyboard they sometimes (not all of them and not all the times) appear with the above text. If there is another text I put inside it just displays it together

Another issue: I make changes to screens. Delete them from storyboard. Copy them again and I do not see the changes. What's wrong?


Can you provide some screenshots with what you have? Are you using any stencils. Or better even, email a zip with your project to me and I'll check what's going on. You can create it from WireframeSketcher by right clicking on the project and choosing Export > Archive. Also include a bug report using Help > Report a Bug.

As a general comment please make sure that you understand how components work as all stencils are based on them. There's a dedicated section on them in the user guide.