Hi everybody,

I configured some ruler (horizontal and vertical) for the purpose of using the configuration as an application wide screen template. Then I created a component.

When adding a new screen the component can be added but ruler configuration is lost (because it sticks to the screen where I configured it).

Is there a way to reuse a configured set of rulers? This would be very helpful, because on the one hand its very time consuming but on the other its very helpful to create as consistent application layout.

Thanks for your answer Mat

Hi Mat,

Rulers are not inherited from components. An alternative is to create a grid component using regular widgets (rectangles) and then use that instead of rulers. Snapping will also work. You can choose not to export this grid component to final design by marking it as annotation.

There is a grid generator stencil that makes it easy to generate some standard grids: http://wireframesketcher.com/mockups/grid-generator.html

Let me know if this works for you.

Thanks for fast answering!

I added a sample of what I mean by ruler template.


As workaround I can add dotted lines (like at the image), because I cant save the ruler configuration.

If saving not possible. Is there a way to put the dotted lines on a own layer or sth. to show/ hide them?

Thanks for your reply. Mat

The workaround is working for me, because I can hide annotations. So I marked dotted lines as annotation.

Thanks for your help. Mat