A tool like this really should allow for links to be drawn in the Screenflow tool. Manually adding links via screens is an exhaustive means of achieving it (a means to an end, but certainly not a great solution), this tool should be aiming to make the whole process faster and less exhaustive. I expect a wireframing tool to cater for such needs.

Even if it's just adding extra lines/arrows/shapes/text on top of the links created via the exhaustive method, that'd be extremely useful.

Any chance of implementing such a feature?

Hi Linden,

I am not sure I understand entirely what you'd like to be able to do. Do you mean that you'd like to link screens without leaving the screenflow view? How in your mind the flow of this process look like?

Regarding the possibility of adding lines/arrows/shapes/text, is this the same request that asks for the possibility to add notes?