As I'm predominantly wireframing Android apps, it would be ideal to be able to capture the nuances of Android UI interaction, such as longpress, swipes (at a bare minimum).

Providing, in the Links panel, extra Link fields for variations of interaction would be great! That would mean one widget could be linked in a variety of ways, which is typical in Android.

Any chance of including such a feature?

At the moment I must either remove existing links OR create duplicates of screens in order to reflect alternative UI interactions, which doesn't suit the notion of this tool helping speed up the process of wireframing.


What you are asking for is generally out of scope of our tool. WireframeSketcher focuses on low-fidelity wireframes. The preferred way to illustrate rich interactions in WireframeSketcher is to annotate wireframes with some notes that explain the more complex interactions that are possible in each state.

There are other, more complex, tools that let you prototype precise interactions. These tools are generally more expensive too.

Let me know if this is clear enough.