In my work I prefer to work with "Clean" theme, but when I exporting my screens to HTML I want to see it in "Sketch" theme. I wrote a tiny bash-script that exporting screens, but it use settings from WireframeSketcher, and I see result is in the "Clean" theme.

Can I use some key, like "-theme sketch" to export my screens it "Sketch" style?

Thank you!

Hi Max,

Such a parameter is not available right now so the export always uses the theme specified in the screen. I'll look into it tomorrow to see if I can add it easily and will get back to you ASAP.


Can you give me more details on how you work with themes? Do you set the Theme property explicitly in each screen? Or do you leave the Theme property at "Default" setting and use the default theme preference?

The most logical change for me would be to allow you to override the Default Theme setting from the command line. However I would like to confirm that this would work for you.


I use default theme properties for all my screens.


I've added the -theme argument in the development version. You can get it here: http://wireframesketcher.com/staging

Let me know how it works for you.


This update moved my WS into crash. See full log here: http://pastebin.com/KF3yYKND


Can you replace your installation with the latest version from our website, and then apply the development update afterwards? This should fix the crash issue.


Were you able to try this out? It would be great if you could give me your feedback!

Hi Peter!

Sorry for really late response))

Yes, a new version is works good, and I finally had generated mockups with theme setted by parameter!

Only trouble is that my license is not working for this Wireframesketcher version (


I just found out that our team will receive a new license from day to day, so all is good)