Hi! Please help me choose a better selection color!

Currently the light gray color is used to show the selection in widgets like List, Table and Tree. The issue with this color is that the contrast is too low and on some monitors is hard to distinguish it against the white background. I'd like to try a different color. The objective for the color to have a better contrast but still blend well with the overall wireframy style. My feeling is that a pastel color could do a good job.

To avoid theoretical discussions I've spent some time testing different colors and made a list with those that I found interesting. In 1st position is the current color. To vote for a color just link to the image in your message. You can also propose your own color.

  1. default
  2. a6a09a
  3. b0b0b0
  4. bababa
  5. cccccc
  6. a59ba0
  7. 85d2bd
  8. a9d1c9
  9. bddbc5
  10. bfacac
  11. d9c3c3
  12. bc987e
  13. c9a387
  14. dbb193
  15. e5ba9a
  16. edc09f
  17. f5c6a4
  18. ffc887
  19. e59437

Colors (1) and (5) have my preference. But wouldn't be better to let the user choose the color in a new setting of WireframeSketcher preferences ?

Thanks, bgillis! I am noting your choices down! I could certainly add a selection color preference in the future but I think it's important to have good defaults.

As usual you are completely right :-) My color choices are the light greys because most of the time, dark greys doesn't render very well when printed. Of course it's just my point of view ;-)

Oops... I'm mean "Gray" instead of "Grey" :-)

I prefer number 5.

Another vote for #5, although #9 is also strangely appealing.

Something like 3 or 4 (grays) would have my preference, it's neutral, does not suggest design, and works relatively well on all printers and screens.

Alternatively, I'd like to see it move into the Eclipse preferences so you can select what works for you? Or even implement a bit of house style in the sketches.

I vote for 5.

#5 works for me.

9 is my favorite. Thanks.

#5 it is! I also like #9 but lets take the more conservative choice for now. It will be part of a new version that I'll release later today.