I have about 8 screens in my project including some based on components, in order to support popup menus. Although I've been careful to ensure all screens and widgets are aligned to each other, some of the screens are misaligned by about 10 pixels in presentation mode and in pdf export. Sorry if I've missed it in the help, but is there a way to check and correct this? I'm using Version: 4.4.1.


The most straightforward way to avoid misalignment is to make sure that all screens have the same size. The easiest way to achieve this is to use a common background component in all screens. The background component can be composed of simply a Browser frame or a Window. Using a component lets you adjust the screen size later by resizing the Browser or Window and have the change propagate automatically to all screens.

Let me know if this helps.

Thanks Peter. I already had a common background and when manually flicking between screens I couldn't detect any misalignments. Eventually I realised there must be something invisible on some of the screens that was affecting positioning in presentation mode. Indeed, there was a text field that extended below the height of the background, but contained no text in the offending area. I found it by dragging a marquee around all the objects and then it was obvious that there was an invisible overlapping object. I adjusted the size of the text box and the problem was solved. Thanks for your advice and thanks for a great product. Andy