I am testing WireframeSketcher to see if it will meet our needs, but I am finding it lacking in a major piece of functionality ... the ability to rotate the phone/tablet between portrait and landscape. The app I am working on needs to be landscape, but every new screen comes up portrait with no ability, it seems, to switch to landscape. Since I am new to the software, I figured I would ask if there is a way to do this that I am just not seeing?

Hi Brian,

WireframeSketcher doesn't really impose a landscape or portrait orientation for individual screens. What you do is use a Portrait or Landscape phone/tablet frames. Each stencil provides a separate widget for each orientation. There is no orientation toggle in the Properties view, but you can create landscape orientation by using the proper widget from the stencil.

Let me know if you need more assistance.

Ok, when I create a new wireframe project, a phone (Nexus 6) comes up in portrait mode. All I need to do is to rotate the phone outline so that I can design the layout in landscape mode rather than portrait mode. I don't see anything about stencils.

Actually, other than cloning the first page, I don't see any way to even put a new phone outline on newly created screens.

Do the "Properties" not work on the evaluation version? No matter what I click on, all I see in "Properties" is "Selection from Project Explorer" and "Resource" with "Info" expanded.


Instead of rotating the phone bezel, just replace it with a different one from the palette. The one you see by default is there just as an example to get you started.

There is no limitation on Properties view in the trial. Selecting something in the edited screen will update the selection view to reflect that.

I recommend that you check the user guide for some basics: http://wireframesketcher.com/help/help.html

Gotcha ... I finally found the bezels under:

Assets -> Android 5 -> Devices -> Nexus 7 -> Portrait

Thanks for your help.