Hello, I'm a very satisfied user of Wireframe Sketcher but I'm getting some annoying bug.

I shared three storyboards online which I updated and commented several times with my client.

After moving my project, it seems like Wireframe Sketcher is unable to generate the same sharing links.

The first consequence is that I cannot update my shared storyboards.

Next, I have lost the comments left upon my storyboards.

I tried to bring my project back to the original folder but I cannot have the original links back.

Thanks for your help

Hi Frank,

Can you explain what you mean by "moving your project"? Let me know what you are trying to achieve and I'll suggest a solution.

Here I'll explain how things work from the technical point of view. WireframeSketcher remembers shared links locally in your workspace, deep under the ".metadata" folder. The actual directory where this information is stored looks something like this:


There is one or several "properties.index" files directly in this directory, or somewhere under it. These files work like a dictionary where WireframeSketcher stores the association between shared files and shared web links.

The way things are designed right now, this information was never meant to be moved from one place to another. However if you still wish to do it, then you'll need to take these files (keeping the same directory structure) to this other place that you move your projects to.

Thank you for your answer.

I moved my project folder with its ".project" file. But I did not take the ".metadata" folder of my workspace.

I did find the ".indexes/" files you mentioned but these are binary files...

Looks like I'm fucked up...

Don't you think these data should be stored in the project's folder instead of the workspace folder ?


Yes, those are binary files, but I fail to see what it has to do with anything. If you still have them then try transferring them to your other workspace. Just make sure that you close WireframeSketcher before you do this.

I'll consider the idea of storing links as part of the project. If other users have encountered the same problem as described here then please leave a comment.

I did try to transfer my project back to the original workspace. But before that, I deleted the original project. So I think I lost this data.

I see. Please note however that you've only lost the possibility to update previously shared storyboards. However shared links are still online and the comments are still there.

Yes, that's right.