Whenever I Export a button I get a Background.

Is it possible to Export Png with an Alpha channel?


Hi Florian,

Can you give me an example of what you are trying to achieve? A screenshot would be helpful. Which parts exactly would you like to be transparent?

i exported the button as png and got a Background (White)

after this i opened gimp and deleted the Background..

It is a lot of work therefore i hoped it was possible to save the button direclty without a Background in wireframesketch...

about your Programm .. it is very useable




I see. Can you tell me how do you intend to use the result once it's exported with transparent background? Perhaps I can suggest a different approach.

For example if you wish to overlay the result over another image (like a screenshot) then the more direct way would be to import that image into WireframeSketcher.

I use the buttons directly for my GUI because it looks good enough for embeded systems.