Looks like this was requested a few years ago, but it's worth revisiting: it would be hugely helpful to have a reset-to-original button for embedded components.

I find myself wishing for this on a daily basis. It would save having to manually undo component modifications when copying screens, or removing and re-embedding components repeatedly.


Are you looking for a simple way to revert all modifications to the component? Or do you think it would be more helpful to be able to do it property by property?

That's a great question. I was originally thinking of all properties at once, which I still see as the basic, most-needed approach. But it in addition to a "master reset" switch, per-property resets would come in handy sometimes.

Forced to choose between them, or to choose which comes first, I'd go with an all-properties reset.

Thanks for the details. I've bumped the priority for this issue and I'll look into possible ways to implement it.

Much appreciated. Due to the nature of my work (essentially stop-motion, highly detailed storyboards) it would save me a chunk of time every day.