This topic is about layers support.

Request: Wireframe sktecher would provide layers support which would allow a different sections of a screen to be visible depending on the state of the screen.


LoginScreen would have 3 states

  1. parent state (form)
  2. invalid_credentials (error message)
  3. account_locked (error message)

Each state would specify what layers are visible. The parent state would always be visible.

The properties view would allow linking/transitioning to a specific state.

This type of support would allow for easily prototyping variations of a screen.

This could also be extended to support context menus and modal dialogs.

Hi Jose,

Thank you for the feature request.

Currently the workaround that we suggest for this use case involves using components. Basically your child states would be separate screen files inheriting from the parent state which is also in it's own screen file. It can become unwieldy when using many states, but for a small number of variations it does the trick. You can quickly create child states using "Clone Screen..." action in Project Explorer view, or in latest version "Link to Screen Clone..." from the Links view.

Have you tried this approach?