WireframeSketcher-installer.exe /S /INSTDIR=D:\Programme\WireframeSketcher

Thats the published way to install WF Sketcher silent in a custom directory. My problem is that the instdir parameter is ignored and hes installign in "Appdata\local\"

Another problem is the way to handle the license. It says that you have to create a file named wiresketch.key and copy the license key in it. Then copy the Fiel to the install directory. Unfortunally this file is also ignored by WF Sketcher und i have to copy the key manually.

i hope you can help me.

thanks so far ;)

Hi Marco,

Can you give me more details about you Windows version and WireframeSketcher version that you are trying to install?

Sometimes the installation might not work with certain locations due to permission issues. In these situations you might need to run the installer under an Administrator account. Can you try with a different location, like c:\WireframeSketcher and see if it works? One way to check that the INSTDIR option is passed correctly is to remove the /S option and see if the correct directory shows in the installation wizard.

Once you have a working installation, create the wiresketch.key (make sure to place the entire key there with BEGIN and END delimiters) and restart the application. If the key doesn't work then please email me the log file as produced by Help > Report a Bug.

Hi Peter.

Im sorry. Everything is fine.

My colleague gave me an old version of the install package. With the actual version 4.6.0 everything is okay.

Thank you for your fast reply ;-)