Hi everyone,

Currently we are looking for a way to export the created screens and making the screens available to our clients. We have been doing this by exporting to PDF but we would like to have these screens available through an URL.

We would like to use the 'share online' functionality but this means that the screens will become available to the public and we would like to prevent this from happening, also our screens might contain sensitive data from our clients and we don't want to spread this information around.

When we export to HTML we lose the option of adding comments to the screens which is very useful to us.

We would like to know if it is possible to export the screens to HTML and have the commenting functionality added to the Screens so we can upload them on our own web server and secure the access of the screen.

Hi Dennis,

Note that it's true that once you share your storyboard online, it can be accessed through an URL. However this URL is not public and cannot be accessed by anyone unless you share the URL with them (for example via email). So in this regard it's not much less secure than PDF files, which are probably shared the same way.

We take security seriously and so the service is designed to prevent unwanted access to your storyboards. One way to achieve it is to make URLs unique and hard to guess. We also protect your connection to our hosting service by always using SSL.

Perhaps it could be interesting to be able to specify an additional password to protect the URL. This way you would have to share 2 pieces of information, the URL and the password. Sending it using 2 different methods (for example email and SMS) would add an extra layer of protection. Would you be interested in such a feature?

To answer your question, we currently don't offer the commenting functionality that could be included in your own HTML files.

Dear Peter,

Thanks for the quality support service and quick replies.

Security is definitely something we would be interested in. We don't feel comfortable with sharing our storyboards online the way it is now and we value the 'share online' option very highly.


Do you mean that if we add password protection to shared links this would help you adopt online sharing? It's not clear from your reply. Thanks!

Our main concerns when using the 'Share online' option we would have no way to secure the published screens. Password protection for screens that are uploaded through the 'Share online' option would allow us to publish screens with our clients and at least try to prevent unwanted access to the screens.

We are currently looking into creating our own commenting application. By exporting storyboards in HTML format and publishing them through our own web server and than having our own application that allows clients to comment on the screens.

We've just released a new version of WireframeSketcher that among other features adds the possibility to password protect the uploaded links. See this blog post for more details: