I updated WFS to the latest and pow!

Some of the things I use all the time are gone.

  • Back& forward. have gone. Shortcut is ALT + < etc. I've tried going into the Customize perspective to turn them back on, but it won't let me. It keeps saying the children are unavailible. When I click the child it says would I like to switch to command availability tab. When I say yes it does nothing. I like the back and forward, because I don't have to remember the screen I was on, I can make a link, check it and jump back all easily.

  • Edit source button on a component no longer opens the source. This basically means that I have to manually find the source component, which is super annoying. I used components ALL the time. They are the best thing ever. If I was ever making something that was in multiple screens, then I made it a component to be able to edit once and have it change on all screens. Saves so much time.

Now, it doesn't save me time as it's difficult to navigate.

Hi Brek,

Thank you for reporting this issues. I can assure that none of the changes that you describe are intentional, and these features are actually working for me when testing. Can you email me some screenshots and the log files (as generated using Help > Report a Bug)? Perhaps I can spot what the issue is. Thanks!


Thank you for the email with the details.

I could reproduce the "Edit Source" issue for components and I confirm that it doesn't work in Properties View and it's a bug. I'm looking into fixing it. Note that you can still right-click on the Component and choose "Edit Source", which works as before.

Regarding Back and Forward shortcuts, I am not sure what happened. Could you try to reinstall WireframeSketcher from scratch from our website? Note that you data will be preserved.

Edit Source. Thanks. I will use the right-click method.


I've just released a bugfix version that resolves among others the "Edit Source" button issue.