In the annotation tool, callouts and notes are great. But imho, you should add a frame to highlight an area, like here:

alt text


How about using a Shape configured like this:

Shape Outline

Let me know if this works for you.

yes, I could do that. But If I export and uncheck annotations, I will still have the form. Right ?

it would be great to have forms that we can hide like annotations.

maybe, the notes just miss the parameters of the shapes.

You can mark the shape as annotation so that it gets hidden when annotations are hidden. This is done using Object > Mark as Annotation. The same works from the context menu on right click too.

I suggest that you create a component from this shape so that you can reuse it in multiple places.

Let me know how it works for you.

yes, brilliant. thank you very much. It means I still have many small things like that to learn with your tool.

and btw, you can have a look at my first demo with Wireframesketcher: https://ttoine.github.io/eclipse-user-profile/user-profile.html