Is there a way to hide annotation while working on a screen? (so, not when exporting)

Or perhaps there is a layer management, with a hide/views toggle, like in graphic softwares? (Gimp, Inkscape, Photoshop...)

It would be very useful, because at the moment, it is mandatory to move annotation when I want to edit stuff below.


Hi Antoine,

Unfortunately there is no way to hide annotations while editing.

As for layer management, it doesn't exist either, but you can do a rough emulation of layers using groups. Put your regular widgets into one group, and annotations into another group. Then you can edit groups independently by "entering" them, which will fade out the elements in the other group.

Let me know if this is an acceptable workaround for you.

In my case this will not help me that much. I use many drawings to highlight zones, like here https://ttoine.github.io/eclipse-user-profile/user-profile.html#overview

If at least it was possible to click through the transparent area of a rectangle, I could use groups.

I don't know how I can create a feature request, but yes, a feature like "hide annotation while working on a screen" via the menu, or with a toggle icon, that would be awesome.

We are currently working on an alternative way to annotate screens. The idea is to allow to enter notes for elements on the screen. For example you'll be able to add notes to buttons, tables, groups etc. Then this notes would be presented with automatically generated callouts and associated text, similar to what you have. This approach will essentially decouple the design from annotations.

I find the rectangle idea that you use interesting. I didn't plan to show such a rectangle, but the required information (the geometry of the annotated widget) will be available and could be used this way. Do you always add such a rectangle, or do you use a simple callout (without rectangle) too?

Yes, on some isolated elements, like buttons: https://ttoine.github.io/eclipse-user-profile/user-profile.html#account-settings

I like rectangles (or other shapes, like circles, ...) for it is simpler than to group elements. When you group elements, edition takes more time (you have to enter a group, ...)

Decouple design and annotation is a very good idea, however I really don't like the idea that this could be automatically generated, and attached to elements only. And, how will you manage annotations of an area, without using a shape?

A good compromise would be to be able to add callout like I do, with or without a shape. Then, clicking on the callout, having a tab for annotations, next to the properties (like you do for the links).

Also, having a button to show/hide the annotations would be perfect. Or introducing layers management, so we can put them in a separate layer, and hide it.