I was wondering if anyone had tips / tricks for improving the experience of WFS on HiDPI screens? I've learned to work with/around the small icons.

My biggest pain point right now is that font sizes for my wireframes look nice on my HiDPI laptop but on my desktop they look huge. At the moment I have to decide whether to do all my work on the desktop or on the laptop before I start. (which isn't ideal)

Should probably mention that I'm using Ubuntu as my primary OS.

Hi Robin,

Right now WireframeSketcher does not properly support HiDPI screens. We work around that by forcing the UI to autoscale on Mac OS X and Windows so that text and icons remain proportional, with the only downside that some UI elements are blurry. However Ubuntu is more limited in this regard and doesn't offer such workaround for applications without HiDPI support.

We do plan to add proper HiDPI support, but it first needs to be implemented in the Eclipse platform. This is already partially done and the latest 4.6 version of Eclipse ships with usable HiDPI. WireframeSketcher still uses version 4.4 of the Eclipse platform so this new support is not there yet. However it is possible install WireframeSketcher into an Eclipse IDE and benefit from improved HiDPI support this way.

To summarise, at this point to get the best HiDPI support on Ubuntu consists in installing Eclipse 4.6 and then installing WireframeSketcher plugin into it. If you don't use an Eclipse already then the best results can be achieved by installing a minimal version of Eclipse called Eclipse Platform. The final result is very close to what standalone WireframeSketcher is, but with HiDPI support.

Let me know if you think you can try this approach. If you need any help with the above please let me know.

That worked great. Thank you.


I'm happy to hear that. I'd love to hear more about your experience with HiDPI resolution and WireframeSketcher. Let me know if there are any issues that you are still having.