Hi, I added a png icon and what use that icon over label dialog. But in the icons dialog the png file is never displayed. What is wrong?


Unfortunately icons as PNG are not supported by WireframeSketcher. Do you need some specific icon that you can't find in the standard library? Do you know that you can also install extension packs with additional icons from our website (see "Stencils")?

Hi Peter, Thanks for your answer.

Yes I need special icons. We are using WireframSektcher to develop mockups for computer and not for web. Our customers need sometimes a few special icons. And so we are using icons from axials. I prever to make the decision about a icon as soon as possible. Later in programming we have no time to discuss the icons again. Have a look at axialis and you see, this icons are sometimes for specials.

It's stil possible to use PNG images, just not as icons. You can overlay these images in places you need to get the desired effect.

Let me know if this works for you.

Yes. This is the workaround. A more directly way would be great :)

Thank you