I'm a new WireframeSketcher user.

The technology we are using is Oracle ADF and there we use list-of-values or combo boxes in the tables.

Currently there are no macros or similar in the WireframeSketcher to print this out. I could "simulate" this by adding some icons next to the text, but this does not look exactly like combox box.

Just asking if there are any plans for adding this or would it be feasible to implement this kind of functionality in the future? Or are there other ways to print combo boxes in the table?

BR, Harri

PS. Great job done with the product so far.

Hi Harri,

Thank you for your kind words.

There is no support for combo macros at this point. We've considered it by decided against it for now. It's just too difficult to accommodate all possible widget types and styles one would want to add.

A workaround is to place regular Combo widget over the table widget to achieve the effect of the combo in the cell. If needed, you can increase the row height in the table to make space for the dropdown.

Let me know if this works for you.