I would like to model what we can do in a web page when we have a selection list that uses an onChange event listener in a javascript to hide/reveal sections on that page. I thought I could emulate it by using links for combo options to screens showing what you'd see as a result of choosing the option, but I find that a combo only has a single link even when multiple options are entered using separate lines.

Hi Nick,

You are right, this feature is missing for Combo, mostly due to some historical reasons. A possible workaround is to overlay the Hotspot widget over individual items and link that. Another possibility is to combine a Combo with a List, to emulate open combo, and then link items in the list.

Let me know what works for you.

Thanks for the suggested workarounds which I will certainly try. Would be nice to have a more intuitive and symantically correct solution though. If there is a backwards compatibility issue with adding option/link pair functionality, could we have a new widget called a drop-down selection box modelled more along the lines of what we have in html, since I think many people wireframe complex backoffice web portals these days before getting into implementation.

Thanks for listening, Nick


Thank you for your suggestions. I've added this feature request to our todo list and will explore possible solutions.

Thanks Peter. That's great news!

Hi Nick,

We've release a new version that also improves combo links: http://wireframesketcher.com/blog/2017-04-27-back-links-combo-widget-links.html

Let me know how this works for you!

Hi Peter,

I just tried the new version. It's exactly what I needed! Many thanks for this update.