would it be possible to add some type of border styles?

Right now I'm trying to indicate a destination for a Drag'n'Drop action, for which I would like to use a rectangle with a dashed border.

I'm using a placeholder for now, but it just doesn't look as good.

Otherwise, thanks for a great product, discovered it just today and it's absolutely great so far!


Hi Timo,

Thank you for your kind words! The dashed border looks easy enough to implement. I'll try to squeeze it into the next version that is due in a few days.


no hurries, I'm just using a light gray right now, which will work fine for my current screen.

But I guess I'm not the only one who would like dashed borders, so if you can find the time to squeeze it in, that would be great :)


Does this look like what you need?

alt text

This is a dashed+rounded border. Please let me know if it works for you and I'll include it in the next release.


that looks good!

Thanks a lot for responding & implementing so quickly. I'm still using the trial, but you most likely got yourself a new customer ;)