• Is it possible to create custom components which have dynamic behaviour on presentation mode, e.g. a collapsible component? Perhaps it has a link which replaces the current component by another one, e.g. an expanded one.
  • Is it possible to make components appear by clicking on buttons in presentation mode? For example a modal popup.

Hi Casimir,

Screens by themselves are always static and the only supported interaction is linking 2 screens together. To show interactivity you would need to link multiple screens to demonstrate how the screen state changes.

For example if you'd like to to click on a button to open a popup, you would design the first screen with the button, and then create a second screen that overlays the popup over the first screen. To avoid any content duplication between the 2 screens, you can create the second screen as a clone that inherits from the first screens (there is a Clone Screen action available on right-clicking the screen file). The second screen would effectively contain the first screen as a component and so any changes to the first screen would be also reflected in the second screen. Then in the second screen you would draw the popup and then link the 2 screens together to show interaction.

This approach can be used for more complex interactions. The main complexity here is to manage the content using components in such a way as to avoid unnecessary duplication. I would recommend to use this method judiciously to show the main flow and not to try to include all the possible interactions, such as drop-downs or tooltips. This way you'll avoid the complexity of creating to many state variations.

Let me know if this helps.

Hi Peter,

sorry for the late answer. Yes, these information are very helpful to me, thank you a lot.