The one thing that can improve it is to add a To-do List to a screen which will pop-up when you open the screen and show on the Project Explorer with an icon which pages have to-do list items outstanding.

I suggest you have to create a screen & than can add a to-do list (multiple bullets or plain text block) to that page and once content is removed to To-do List auto delete.

Hi Eddie,

Thank you for your kind word and for the suggestion. WireframeSketcher standalone app doesn't have this kind of functionality, however there is something close to that available in the Eclipse IDE. Eclipse IDE has a Tasks view where it's possible to create new items, mark them as completed. People generally use this when editing source files (i.e. Java files) where they can create new items by writing a TODO tag.

You can find more details on how this view works here: https://help.eclipse.org/2020-09/topic/org.eclipse.platform.doc.user/concepts/ctskview.htm?cp=0_2_4_4

If you are using the Eclipse IDE with WireframeSketcher plugin then you can try this out. You cannot create tasks per screen file, but perhaps I could add something to help with this in the future.

Let me know what you think about it.