Is there a way (if not i'd like to suggest it) that once i publish the wireframes, the user can click a button to hide all notes and arrows? That way they can just navigate the site and then if they dont understand something, they can click that button again to show the notes and arrows that explain the features.

I know about hide annotations when publishing but is there a way to have the user hide the annotations and then click a button for them to appear again. Just as they can do now with "hid/show links.

Hi Anthony,

Currently there is no way to hide arrow and note objects. However if you are using the Notes view for annotations, then those can be toggled on/off directly in the published wireframes using the "Show Comments" button in the bottom right corner.

See this published tutorial wireframe for an example:

Let me know if this is what you were looking for.

Thats pretty much what i'm looking for but I want to do that with all annotations. So the yellow box and arrows should toggle on/off.

I'm on Version: 6.2.1 so I dont have the commentsion option. I dont think. I'll upgrade eventually.

You should make that behavior with comments apply to all annotations. Then i'll upgrade right away.

I made two versions. One with annotations and one where they are hidden. I gave my developers 2 different links to see the wireframes with annotations and one to just navigate around. Our wireframes are very busy with notes so navigating without them gives us a feel for what the user will feel as they navigate.

It would be great if (while browsing) we could just click a button to show/hide annotations. Less overhead to maintain.