Is it possible to have an annotation that doesn't ever export to web?

That way they can contain notes and format designs within the wireframe page but no one else can see that annotation but they can see all the other annotations.

Hi Anthony,

There is no dedicated feature for private notes per se. But perhaps it's possible to emulate what you need using current annotation widgets and the "Hide annotations" option available when exporting.

The annotation widgets that you want to be public can be made so by unchecking the "Mark as Annotation" option for those widgets. This way those widgets won't be affected by the "Hide annotations" export option and will always be exported.

The rest of the annotations widgets could be considered private if you always use "Hide annotations" export option so they won't be exported.

Would something like this would be acceptable for your scenario?

The issue is I dont want to hide all annotations. It would be great if I could have another option in addition to "Mark as Annotation". Perhaps one that is "Mark as inactive". That way I can design features on a wireframe page but when I publish that page, don't publish the inactive widgets. Then, I can design new features on a page that I don't want to be seen yet when I publish the page but I do want all of the active widgets to publish (annotations hidden or not).