Is it possible to install Subclipse plugin to WireframeSketcher Studio? I have the Subclipse plugin alongside the WireframeSketcher plugin in Eclipse Helios J2EE version, but was curios about your Studio version.

Some of our team don't require a full installation of Helios, so the Studio version would be a perfect fit. However I have not been able to install Subclipse successfully. Any ideas how we could achieve this?


Hi Michael,

This request comes up often enough so I plan to spend some time to make sure Subclipse works well with Studio. As it is now, Subclipse can be installed but most of its functionality is hidden away which makes the plugin useless.

What you can do right now is to create your own minimal Eclipse distro that bundles WireframeSketcher and Subclipse. You can do it by starting with "Platform Runtime Binary" which you can get here:

Start with that, install WireframeSketcher and Subclipse plugins and you'll get your distro which you can zip up and send around.

It would be a great optional feature to add to the Studio version.


Hi Michael,

I released a new version that adds support for version control plugins. You'll find more details in the user guide:

I'd like to have your feedback on this!


Thanks for responding so quickly to this request. This update will be an improvement for our entire team and thanks for listening to the user community and providing us with such a fantastic tool.